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Whether it’s improving project management or safeguarding against operational risk, our software solutions transform how organisations work, helping them and their people become more efficient.

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Over 20 years experience in construction, compliance and project management.

Working from our offices in Hull, East Yorkshire, we are committed to the development of cost-effective, easy to use software solutions that improve how organisations work.

Our products are used across the globe, from home soil to Hong Kong, and have helped ensure the successful delivery of projects with a combined value in excess of £4bn.

Our first product, Contract Manager, launched 10 years ago and is now used widely by both private and public sector organisations in the construction industry.

Since then we have grown as a business and have developed a range of new products for a wide variety of sectors.

Our newest product, Total Risk Manager is used in the education, care, leisure and manufacturing industries to ensure organisations comply with legislative responsibilities.

Providing easy to implement, simple to use and cost effective software solutions for both the public and private sector.

Contract Manager

Track, manage and administer NEC3®, JCT, FIDIC or bespoke contracts online.

Contract Manager provides public and private sector organisations an easy to implement, simple to use and cost effective solution for the management of a wide range of contracts, including; NEC3®, JCT, FIDIC or bespoke contracts.

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Total Risk Manager

The most complete management software on the market.

Total Risk Manager launches in Autumn 2018, with platforms specifically designed for the Education and Care Home sectors. Total Risk Manager from Sypro is designed and developed by award-winning software engineers and risk management experts.

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What our users say...

Our users are integral to the development of our software and here's what they have to say about us...

  • As a person responsible for the management and maintenance of all buildings and assets across a multi sited NHS estate. I am resolute in the requirements and clear benefits of having an integrated and simple to use, dashboard and alert driven asset management system such as Sypro CAM.

  • I believe that the Sypro CAM enables organisations to illustrate a proactive attitude to risk management, which can only serve to improve their ability to both reduce the incidence of and defend claims, resulting in potential insurance cost savings.

  • Sypro CAM has helped us centralise and manage all of our critical checks and requirements. These range from our policy and procedure checks such as DoLS renewal and insurance checks through to our maintenance testing and servicing on assets like bath hoists and boilers. Sypro CAM sends the relevant staff and contractors automatic alerts and reminders rather than managers having to constantly check and worry about needs doing and renewing by when.

  • The new Sypro Contract Manager dashboard is a clear professional platform for perfect delivery of NEC contracts with all the key information at hand that summarises the projects performance at any given time!

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