Early Warnings - How to Manage them Collaboratively

Every construction project comes with an element of risk – as in life things don’t always go to plan.

Spotting the warning signs early and dealing with them in a collaborative way can minimise the detrimental impact on the project and help avoid time and cost penalties.

All the NEC3® contracts contain an early warning process to help the parties involved proactively identify risk and facilitate a proactive outcome.

Although early warnings are a standard process in all NEC contracts, the parties involved differ in each case. In the Engineering Construction Contract (ECC), the parties are the Project Manager and the Contractor, whereas in the Term Service Contract the Project Manager role is taken by the Service Manager. The process is the same in every contract and can be broken down into four key stages:

However, whilst the process is straightforward, people often struggle to implement it properly because it is such a cultural shift from the way we traditionally work in the construction industry.

Our free guide aims to help you overcome that cultural barrier by providing some top tips on how to manage early warnings collaboratively and work with all stakeholders to deliver a successful project.

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