Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) Checklist

To ensure the success of a project, it's critical to plan effectively and comply fully to contract procedures from the start.

It's also key for the project manager to show leadership and control from the outset.

Throughout the works information there may contain a number of specific requirements and obligations relating to different parties. Therefore before starting a project, it is vital to identify key processes and assign responsibility to those parties best suited to control them.

Using an Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) checklist when preparing for a project will ensure that all parties will be fully aware of the contract policies and procedures and which parties the responsibilities sit with.

Our downloadable and interactive ECC checklist offers a practical and interactive guide on ECC contract management, giving you detailed information on how to successfully deliver an ECC contract.

The checklist is structured in relation to core clauses of an ECC contract and outlines suggested actions that should be taken to ensure full compliance. Including;

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