How to ensure the Programme is Accepted

Have a plan or plan to fail – so the saying goes.

This is definitely true in construction where it’s essential to have a Programme to chart the critical path of the project and record a timeline of who does what and when.

An Agreed Programme will improve understanding by all parties and is fundamental to the successful delivery of your project and adherence to timescales. As the project progresses, this can help with both the Early Warning process and Compensation Events.

The Programme is the second of the three stimuli of good project management.

If you read any project management handbook, it will tell you that the Programme is key to a successful outcome.

What’s fundamental is that the Programme is reviewed and updated regularly by the team and shared between the Project Manager and the Contractor.

Section 3 of the Engineering and Construction Contract (Time) defines what a Programme should include, the process for updating the Programme and the process for the Project Manager accepting the Programme. Essentially, these are the key elements that define a Programme. Once again, there are cultural barriers.

The Programme management under the ECC has been a steep learning curve for the industry. In practice, teams often struggle to understand the importance of the second stimuli to good project management.

Contractors often struggle to produce a compliant Programme and Project Managers often fail to accept what they are given. Neither of these support successful project delivery.

However, there are some simple steps which can help you generate much better awareness and understanding and significantly enhance collaborative working...

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