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Our Solutions

Our software has assisted in the successful delivery of projects with a value in excess of £3bn.

We understand complexities involved in managing different contracts such as NEC3®, JCT and FIDIC, and also how meeting compliance regulations can be difficult for many organisations. So at Sypro, we're committed to developing easy to use, easy to implement and cost effective software solutions for use in both the public and private sector.

Our software solutions provide centralised systems which allow users to track, manage and administer data and information, whilst giving full transparency of additions and amendments. Sypro can help effectively manage budgets, track project timescales and ensure the compliance and effective management of assets.

Contract Management

NEC3®, JCT, FIDIC or Bespoke - whatever the type of contract, we've got it covered.

Sypro Contract Manager provides an easy to implement, simple to use and cost effective solution to the management NEC3®, JCT or FIDIC contracts. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, Sypro Contract Manager can be operated on projects of all sizes and across separate geographic locations.

Why Choose Sypro Contract Manager?

  • Ideal for both public and private sector projects.
  • Designed for clients, project managers, consultants or main contractors managing supply chains.
  • Helps project manage; initiate, manage, track and report.
  • Ensures all parties adhere to contract procedures.
  • Built by recognised NEC3® experts and provides a robust and secure audit trail.
  • Simple implementation, easy to use.
  • Doesn't rely on on the user being an experienced contract professional.

The introduction of Sypro has provided the entire project team with the immediate ability to respond to risks which may impact on the delivery of our scheme. This quick response time is essential on a project of this scale

Total Risk Manager

The most complete management software on the market.

Total Risk Manager from Sypro is designed and developed by award-winning software engineers and risk management experts. It not only helps organisations run more effectively, it actively identifies and helps eliminate all aspects of operational risk.

Total Risk Manager launches in Autumn 2018, with platforms specifically designed for the Education and Care

Home sectors.

Why choose Total Risk Manager?

  • Protection – Provides protection from all matters of organisational risk
  • Efficiency - Makes the running of your organisation more time and cost efficient
  • Simplicity – An intuitive platform that is easy to implement and easy to use.
  • Single-view – Provides a top down view of all risk and compliance matters
  • Secure – Built and hosted in the UK, and protected using the latest Amazon security system
  • Support – Provides 24/7 dedicated customer care and tech support

“Total Risk Manager is like nothing else on the market. It’s focus on managing all aspects of risk within our organisation is critical and will become even more so in the future.”

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What our users say...

Our users play a key part in the development of Sypro software, here's what they have to say...

  • I believe that the Sypro CAM enables organisations to illustrate a proactive attitude to risk management, which can only serve to improve their ability to both reduce the incidence of and defend claims, resulting in potential insurance cost savings

  • As a person responsible for the management and maintenance of all buildings and assets across a multi sited NHS estate. I am resolute in the requirements and clear benefits of having an integrated and simple to use, dashboard and alert driven asset management system such as Sypro CAM

  • Sypro CAM has helped us centralise and manage all of our critical checks and requirements. These range from our policy and procedure checks such as DoLS renewal and insurance checks through to our maintenance testing and servicing on assets like bath hoists and boilers. Sypro CAM sends the relevant staff and contractors automatic alerts and reminders rather than managers having to constantly check and worry about needs doing and renewing by when.

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